Brief summary of certain things

  • Lambda CalculuJS: λ-Calculus to JS converter.
  • Rhubarb (warning: heavy on load) : A world with clouds and waves using iterated simplex noise. (Also my first step into WebGL).
  • Simplex noise centric experiments
  • Some terrain experiments
  • "RocketLunch": first experiments with polygonal maps.
    • Projection: Using D3 for projection.
    • Combine: Inefficient display of a polygonal world.
  • Rami: A drawn programming language.
  • 5923: Sketching app, using multiple lines between the points.
  • 4507: Game of circles and rubberbands.
  • 8093: Steganography tool, hiding data in images.
  • splitHTML: Tokenize a web page's text content and stylize the tokens.
  • PP3D: Pseudo Pseudo 3D HTML.
  • TUBIK: Regular XOR stream cipher.